As of today I am no longer a blood donor virgin. I’ve always been sacred of needles, so the thought of getting a bag full of blood out of me would make me faint before they even start to prick me.
However a friend of mine shared an inspiring story with me a few days ago. She has made it a commitment to donate blood every 3 months, and that time was just coming up. She met a guy at the Red Cross and he was a poor man. He explained how he has nothing to offer, no monetary donations nor material goods. So the best he could do with his circumstance was to donate blood. To me that is one of the most generous gift one could give – the possibility of saving a life.
So this morning I went with some friends to donate blood at a Red Cross in my town. And just the week before, someone had shared with me a video of how amazing Valor essential oil is to super charge our blood cells. So I decided to give it a try. If I am going to give blood, I might as well give the best blood I can. Here’s the video 
While I was sitting on the chair I applied a couple drops of Valor under my feet. I also applied a little around the area where the needle would enter. Doing that ensures the area would not be bruised easily.
When the time came to get poked I sat on the chair and took many deep breaths to calm myself. I also inhaled Valor from the bottle as it really helped. While the blood was getting drained from my arm, the nurse was pretty much staring at me and the bag of blood the entire time. She asked me what I was doing with the bottle of oil, if it was some sort of magic. Because she was so shocked as my blood flow was very quick, and a very healthy color too. She had never experienced a female donor filling a 350ml bag in less than 5 minutes! Usually she said it takes at least 10 minutes. I guess if I were to look at my blood cells under a microscope I would imagine them to be millions of F1 racecars speeding its way out of the tube.
I too was amazed and accredit that to Valor and all the essential oils I have used on a daily basis over the last 2 years. It really has made a difference in my health and it shows.
5 health benefits of donating blood:
– joy of saving a human
– free health check up
– reduce risk of heart disease
– burns calories
– reduces risk of cancer