After 3 long years, today is the big day. The day I finally stop talking about it and plunge head first into the Juva Cleanse Protocol. Now for those who know me well, they would laugh at the thought of me attempting it because:

  1. I’ve never had one meal a day
  2. I get hungry every 2-3 hours
  3. I’ll end up finishing someone else’s meal after mine if they have leftovers
  4. My crankiness is not from PMS cramps but hunger cramps

Maybe it took me 3 years to get around to doing it because of the fear of having just that ONE meal. It also doesn’t help the fact that I travel almost every 10 days or two weeks. So to lock myself home for 12 days was just a tad bit much. But alas, I knew procrastinating wouldn’t do me much good, so I decided to dedicate the next 2 weeks to just ME time.
For those who haven’t experienced it, this is what it entails:
– 12 days protocol to cleanse the liver
– 1st 5 days = use colon cleansing tea. It doesn’t matter what brand as long as you’re passing motion 3-5 times a day (max 5 times a day).
– Not advisable to work during this time.
– 1 meal a day. NO meat. Drink a lot of Ningxia Red.
– 6th day onwards = Diffuse 15 drops Juva Cleanse while sleeping, 6 drops Juva Cleanse in 1 liter water to drink throughout the day, apply Juva Cleanse on navel and lower back twice a day. When you do this, 1 bottle will be finished in about 7 days. 
– 6th day onwards still eating 1 meal a day and passing motion about 2-3 times a day. Also need to take 6 Sulfurzyme capsules a day (3 morning & 3 evening) to pull the toxins out from the body. 
– You will feel very tired and sick, with body aches and pains. This is a normal reaction.
– The result : glowing skin, beautiful face, energized and slimmer body.
According to the Essential Oils Desk Reference, Juva Cleanse is a powerful blend to cleanse and detoxify the liver. In today’s chemically polluted environment, there is a desperate need for natural, effective products that do just that. This blend contains three of the most powerful and effective liver cleansing oils: Helichrysum, Ledum, Celery Seed.

FullSizeRender 2

Ningxia Red, Juva Cleanse, Sulfurzyme


Day 1 : August 22, 2016

I’m not sure if it was my body’s intelligence or what, but for some reason I didn’t wake up hungry. Usually I would be starving the moment my eyes open. But I didn’t have my first meal until 2pm.

lentil soup and salad

Lentil soup and a simple green salad with dried cranberries

I kinda have a plan worked out…
I planned to just stuff myself with water as much as I possibly could in the morning to fill myself up. Then wait till around after mid day to make myself a meal. I’m trying to put off eating as late as possible so that it would last me through what would be dinner time and throughout the entire night.
Bless my husband, as he has decided to do this cleanse with me. He wasn’t worried about the aches and pains so much, but more scared of me being the dragon lady.

Day 2 : August 23, 2016

We’ve decided to name our one meal a day “BRUNNER” — which is breakfast, lunch, dinner all rolled into one.
Today we pushed our Brunner as late as possible. By the time I prepped the stir-fry we were eating by 3:30pm.
I believe the Ningxia Red really helps with the hunger and I’ve been doing fine so far. I soaked some chia seeds with the Ningxia and take a tablespoon full once a day. At this point I’m having 60ml of Ningxia 3 times a day.
A little bit of info on chia seeds, a superfood…

Chia seed soaked in Ningxia Red

It’s an ancient staple of Aztec Warriors. Apparently they could survive 24 hours of combat on just 1 tablespoon of chia gel.

  • boost brain power
  • contain omega-3 fatty acids
  • high in minerals, calcium, zinc, magnesium, iron
  • regulate sugar levels
  • contains protein that lifts energy

Fun facts of chia seeds. Just 2 tablespoon contains:

  • only 85 calories
  • 100% more omega-3 fatty acids than salmon
  • 41% of your daily finer
  • 6 times more calcium than milk
  • 32% of your daily magnesium
  • each seed is 16% complete vegetable protein
  • 6 times more iron than spinach
  • 64% more potassium than a banana
  • more niacin than corn, rice & soy
  • double the antioxidants found in blueberries

It’s a great way to incorporate into your salads, pudding, breakfast, toast, basically anything! You bet I’m going to be sprinkling more of these little bad boys in my Brunners.

Light stir fry with miso based sauce topped with tempe

On the bowel movement front, hubby has not had anything at all! He’s used to starting his morning with a cup of coffee and have about 3-4 cups a day. This would get him regular twice a day. So far….. zilch.
I think his system has relied on the laxative effects of coffee that his digestive system is teaching him a good lesson right about now.
Me on the other hand, nothing unusual or out of the ordinary. I’m not sure if the tea we’re drinking is strong enough for us though.
In the evening we still felt we had pretty good energy levels and decided to take a stroll on the beach just 5 minutes walk from our home. It helps that we’re living in Bali while doing this cleanse as it just makes it a lot easier. We spotted a new hangout joint and restaurant that serves amazing delicious healthy food. All Jon and I could think of was to grab ourselves a bean bag in the sand, enjoy a sunset cocktail and gorge on their delectable menu (one of each please). Trust me, it took a lot of will to continue walking past it and kiss it goodbye for another 10 days. Sighhhhhh……

Genius Cafe on Sanur Mertasari beach

Night times are the hardest for Jon I reckon. While watching TV to unwind, he would usually nibble on some snacks like nuts, trail food, or crackers. He was spotting a pretty massive sad face right about 8pm.
I went to bed feeling good… no hunger pangs or grumbling tummy. I don’t know what people are talking about it being hard. I got this covered.

Day 3 : August 24, 2016

Ok forget I said I’ve got it all covered! I woke up hungrier than I’ve ever been. I can eat about a whole stable of horses right about now!! My hands are trembling, my tummy is grumbling and punching back at me.
Jon is Captain Alligator this morning. He was so snappy at me. I was thinking to myself, “Gosh I wish he would stop this cleanse so I don’t have to bear the extra pain of his complains.” I wasn’t forcing him to do this cleanse, he just volunteered. But then I realised he’s a guy who hates to do the same thing two days in a row. Oh gosh, we’re Day 3 into a 12-day repetitive cycle.
It’s time to get creative…
I headed to my favourite book shelf and went to my much-loved cookbooks. It’s time for a meal plan for the rest of the cleanse (cue in the Rocky theme song). In my mind it was the 12th round in a world title fight and I was about to be crowned world champion. In reality, I just made a BIG MISTAKE. I attempted at a few pages but it made me feel worst. Definitely mind playing tricks on me and my mouth started to water. This is not good. I’m meant to wait for another 7 hours until my only meal of the day. I shut the cookbooks and decided to do this meal plan after a full belly.
Jon and I decided to head out to the supermarket nearby to grab some extra ingredients for our Brunner. It was about 2pm by then and we were starrrrrving. When we got there we saw all types of delicious food from the deli. Jon sarcastically pointed out there was a bread and cheese section we could check out.
Mental note : also do grocery shopping AFTER eating.

Full of goodness: Mixed Lettuce leaves, mushroom, tomatoes, avocado, olive, carrot, capsicum, radish, quinoa, cucumber, onion, mint leaves, basil, pear, tofu, roasted coconut shavings, nuts (pine, pistachio, almond)


Day 4 : August 25, 2016

I woke up full of optimism today. One third of the way through. I have to say that the chia seeds soaked in Ningxia Red really helps the energy and hunger levels. But still….. if a whole buffet spread were to be laid out right in front of me, there’s a 99.99999% chance I will cave in and indulge, and probably bite the hand that feeds me as well. (I still have 0.00001% faith in myself for persevering in this cleanse…)
We had workers come over this morning to move furniture around and I needed to do some unpacking, repacking, cleaning, clearing. Not a good idea during this cleanse while on such low energy. Bonus? Makes the time go by faster so I can have my first meal.
Quoting Jon here : “Why on God’s earth would you pick today of all days to change all the bedroom furniture from upstairs to downstairs? Man logic vs Woman logic. I’m still hungry and now I’m lifting stuff.”

Gluten free pasta salad with asparagus and tomatoes. Chickpea salad with roasted tricolour capsicums.


Day 5 : August 26, 2016

For the first time in a long while, I slept in til 9:15am. Usually my body clock wakes me up at about 6:30am. Maybe it’s the lack of energy or my body is just trying to rest and repair. Anyway, it makes the hours go by faster which is a good thing.
So far no movement. I’m worried that the tea is not working, or hmmm perhaps there’s not much to clear.
One of my happiest days since being home for the last week. I received a box of fresh veg from Kaizen Organic. All the fruits and veg are organic straight from the farmers and delivered straight to my door. I feel very blessed to have access to such fresh and clean produce.

Organic veggies from Kaizen Organic

After unpacking these beautiful fresh produce, I couldn’t help myself. It was with great anticipation I began to prepare our daily Brunner. I kept it simple and made sure that every ounce of goodness that had just been delivered to our door, found a way into our bowl.
It’s funny how you normally judge a good meal by both the food and the conversation. Honestly at this stage of the cleanse, by the time the food hits the table and our cutlery hits the food…. there is no conversation to be had. Actually you’d be very brave to stop the eating process to talk. You’d be silly to expect a response other than a grunt. Jon and I ate happily in silence.

Day 6 : August 27, 2016

Stir fry mixed veg

I think we’re getting the hang of the one-meal-a-day concept. It’s quite amazing that our body can adjust and get used to new routine so quickly. Day 6 and we’re not getting as hungry early in the day as the previous days.
Today’s meal is just a humble stir fry.
We started incorporating Juva Cleanse essential oil and taking Sulfurzyme supplement. Jon has two descriptions for the taste of Juva Cleanse in water : armpit or old boot. I can’t say I’ve tasted either of the two……… so………..
This got me thinking. Is there another way to incorporate the Juva Cleanse into the protocol… Always keep in mind it’s a protocol but that’s all. You could always be creative and should be creative in how you can integrate the important elements into the big picture.

Day 7 : August 28, 2016

I didn’t have a great sleep at all last night. Woke up in the middle of the night and really tossed and turned. So did Jon. I’m not sure if it was diffusing the Juva Cleanse that affected our minds. However I actually couldn’t smell anything. I’m pretty sure some part of my olfactory system did and it was probably doing something. But I think my bedroom is probably a bit too spacious for a water-based diffuser of that size, since it has a really high ceiling. We are going to try using it with the AromaLux and AromaDome today. That way it’s more concentrated and effective.

Day 7

The walk on the way to the cafe

We decided to treat ourselves by going out to eat. It’s Sunday after all and we’re both giving ourselves high-fives from passing the half-way mark.
Remember that new restaurant that just opened on our beach? It’s called Genius Cafe and the food is honestly genius. It’s all natural, raw, organic, and healthy. Couldn’t think of a better place to nourish ourselves during this detox.
And of course when your belly is screaming at you, you’ll want to order one of everything on the menu. That was not the case with us, but close. We ordered 3 main dishes thinking we’ll split the third one.
But first! Let me order a dessert treat…

All the things in that fridge were either gluten free, dairy free, egg free. I ordered a Bounty Slice and thought this would be a good inclusion just before our meal since it’s a raw food and made of nuts anyway. It’s also dairy free, gluten free, GMO free, cane sugar free. As I went around to take photos of this gorgeous bamboo hut, the waitress came around to deliver the dish. Jon has an extremely sweet tooth and after 24 hours of not eating, he dove right in before I could even take a photo. This was the result of what’s left of it…

Boy were we surprised to see what came for our mains….

The food was absolutely delicious and tasty! And yes I know what you’re thinking. We should have stuck with 1 dish each. Honestly we didn’t think the portion would be that huge. Because let me tell you, halfway through our meals I wished we had ordered two first before ordering our third. Don’t worry, I’m not the type of person who waste food. So we polished all three plates clean!
After waddling on home, it was time to relax for the rest of the evening. Jon parked himself on the couch ready to watch the Grand Prix. I decided to take the time to nurse my food coma by doming myself with the Juva Cleanse in my little office.

Day 8 : August 29, 2016


Apple salad with tofu

Having a grumpy husband in the house. It’s kinda like living with a bear that’s woken up early from hibernation and is starving. The ground is still frozen, it’s not spring.
Today’s meal was a simple apple salad with extra trimmings of (bacon – NOT!) tofu.
Mental note : If your husband is twice the size of you and weighs almost twice as much as you, it stands to reason he may need more calories to get through the day. I have to admit I have been eating exactly the same portion size as him, therefore either I’m gorging or he’s starving. I’ll let you decide. However after hearing complaint after complaint after complaint (sometimes it’s like living with a 6-year old), I did decide to dress up today’s salad as a treat. I incorporated beautiful cranberries, thinly sliced dried figs, and garlic-infused roasted almond and pine nuts. Gotta keep thinking… gotta be creative… I even got him thinking he’s eating real parmesan cheese. I sprinkled some Nutritional Yeast (aka Nooch) onto the salad.

Day 9 : August 30, 2016

I was up by 6:30am and started the day doming myself with a personal blend I created with a mixture of : Valor, Transformation, Sandalwood, Sacred Frankincense. The advantage of such an early start to the day is I got to do the dome which is a luxury me-time, as well as plan my day ahead. The downside of being up this early is when I look at the clock and think “Damn, it’s 9 hours away from food!”
I’ve noticed that my mind feels a lot sharper and more alert, quite surprising considering the body only has fuel once a day. But wait, it’s still early on in the day. Check back with me by 2pm.


Soba noodles with baked eggplant, steamed edamame, spin of the traditional miso, (not-so-small) side salad

I felt like having a Japanese meal today so I denied my hunger by getting busy in the kitchen, Japanese inspired. Any distraction will do. I learned this new miso recipe from Chef Cynthia Louise, in one of her ebooks. I love how flavoursome this soup is as it has mushrooms, grated zucchini-carrot-pumpkins in it. I was imagining myself in the cold wintry nights back in Sydney before I moved to Bali, and having a massive bowl of this would make me a happy camper.
Jon and I decided to venture out and went for a movie in the evening just to get out of the house. For the first time ever I went to the cinema WITHOUT ordering any popcorn. So many moments I wanted to cave in and just get a “small” size one but I kept walking past it and just told myself I could get through this, or else my conscience will never forgive myself.
So I’m at the movie and made the ultimate sacrifice of no popcorn, and guess what. After the first scene Jon and I looked at each other and already knew that this was the worst movie we will ever watch. Ever. And no popcorn for comfort. Ah well, the water filled us.

Day 10 : August 31, 2016

I’m just about over this cleanse right about today. The relentless nature of it is just getting a bit dull. Usually I would look forward to the next meal, as I get to spend time in the kitchen. It’s my happy place. I find it so therapeutic where I can just let my mind be free and not think about anything else, except to focus on what I’m going to cook. I can be in the kitchen all day creating food, baking, or making some healthy snacks to store over the next several days. And I love incorporating the essential oils into my recipes and be creative with my choices (read a post I wrote about cooking with EO). I miss this the most when I’m on the road traveling where sometimes I don’t come home for 3-4 week stretches. Jon always laugh at me when I’m discussing about the next meal WHILE having the current meal or before it has even ended. This seems kinda redundant when the next meal is 24 hours away.


Zucchini and carrot noodle pasta with cashew cream sauce, side of lightly seared mixed veggies

So instead I filled pretty much a chunk of my afternoon prepping my Brunner. If any of you have the need to do something repetitive and block out your mind, I suggest you do pick up a vegetable spiralizer. The handheld one to be exact (Google it – in short, it’s a fancy schmancy kitchen tool that takes a lot of effort and time to produce minimum results. They’re pretty, but it takes time). The constant twisting and turning of the spiralizer just to get a few strands of zucchini noodles out will really test your patience. And since we’re not having a typical small portion size meal, let’s just say I had to do a loooooooot of twisting just to get our meal ready.
I’ve also been dairy free for more than 3 years now. Gone are the days where I can have cream sauce, pizza, cheese, butter or cream filled cakes, and the list goes on. I honestly don’t miss it at all. It was a personal health choice as I happen to be Blood Type O and dairy is a big no-no. Dairy is known to cause inflammation in the gut and in fact cause osteoporosis. Read up on a book called “The China Study” by Dr T. Colin Campbell, which is the most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted in history.
dairy free cheesecake

Dairy free cheesecake

To be a little imaginary with our cream sauce, we either use cashews or cauliflower to get the creamy texture. Throw back to a few months ago where I baked my first ever dairy-free cheesecake for my husband. He is the biggest cheese monster I know and he’s been quite good at limiting his dairy intake too. I know how much he misses his mother’s cheesecake and I remember baking him a real one for his birthday a few years ago. So I decided to make an attempt at “consoling” his love for cheese to see if it will ever fill that void in his heart. Unfortunately he said it was worth a try……. but NOPE!
For today’s cream sauce, I used cashews which were soaked overnight and blended them with water until it resembled milk. Then I added some sliced mushrooms with onions and a drop of rosemary and thyme essential oil into the sauce. Threw in some fresh herbs for color and garnish.

Day 11 : September 1, 2016

Today I felt the lowest energy I had in all week… I was experiencing a mid day slump. Energy was low and it felt like my brain was disconnected from my body, which was kinda interesting. Things seem to take twice as long to do. Jon even asked if I was ok. Walking up the stairs seem to take extra effort. You know how you imagine climbing Mt Everest? Kinda like that, but just 1 storey tall. I’m meeting up with some friends for lunch who are in town for a visit. These girls love food. We are going back to Genius Cafe because that’s all I’m really able to have as far as clean eating goes.
So my mindset going into this lunch was : “They love food, I love food, how the hell am I going to get through this?!” The funny thing is, I stopped thinking about my hunger and communicated the goals of the cleanse to my friends. This was refreshing and refocused my intentions, and subconsciously support the journey I was undertaking. Or was it just the mere fact that I got to gossip with some girlfriends and it distracted me.
Mental note : don’t isolate yourself just because you’re on a cleanse. People and great friends can fulfil and sustain you.

Day 12 : September 2, 2016

WOOO HOOOO!!! Today is officially my last day of the cleanse. I honestly can’t believe I made it this far. I’ve had people tell me they’re surprised I even made it past Day 3.


Gluten free and dairy free pasta

A friend also wanted to meet for lunch with some other ladies today, so guess where I went. Yep! Back at Genius Cafe. By the way, I’m not paid to promote their place or anything in case you’re wondering. Ha! I’m just so glad to have this wonderful new place in the neighbourhood where I live.
I came home to Jon preparing himself a rather large salad. I must say how proud I am of him that he’s come this far — to want to do it and take this journey with me. I’m very grateful to have someone so supportive (and grumbles) beside me. My guess is that some men would laugh at the thought of detoxing, let alone giving them one meal a day. It was not easy, but we made it through together.
We started talking about what we were going to have tomorrow for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He misses the omelettes I make in the morning. So off we went to our favourite place in Sanur to get our favourite coconut bread, which happens to be gluten free too! We were gutted when they ran out (think of a grown man crying like a small boy who just found out Santa Claus doesn’t exist for the first time in his life. Jon has been waiting for 12 starving days!!) Luckily we had a great choice and picked up the sweet potato version. Jon was still muttering as we drove off “It’s still not coconut bread!”


The goal of this cleanse for me wasn’t to lose weight at all, although I did end up 1.9kg lighter than when I started. I went in wanting to cleanse my liver more importantly and I think I’ve achieved that. There’s a sense of sparkle or glow on my skin that was never there.
Overall I deduced that in actual fact I live a pretty clean and healthy life anyway. I guess that’s why I didn’t feel a huge flush coming out of the colon cleanse as there hasn’t been too much gunk that accumulated over the years. Nor did I get any aches and pains that are meant to come with this protocol. Although I felt pretty normal — just low on energy and obviously a little hungry — I could go about my day and do work as usual. The Ningxia Red really helps a lot! On some days I would be having up to 300ml per day. So if you’ve been putting this off for quite some time, don’t be afraid of it. If you have an office job it is still achievable to go on this cleanse, you just have to take it easy and listen to your body. Remember that all our bodies are made differently and will have different experiences. Embrace it and welcome a healthy change.
I do watch what I eat most of the time, so the 12 day meal plan wasn’t a complete shock to my system. It’s what I would normally eat, with the additional of some grilled chicken or lightly seared salmon in the salad mix. On a side note, I continued to incorporate the essential oils into my daily regime: apart from the oils I usually apply and inhale throughout the day… I also continued with drops of Lemon water in the morning, Peppermint and Orange into the Ningxia Red, and whatever flavoured oil I fancied into the salad dressings.
So if anybody is looking at wanting to start fresh and clean, give their body a break to heal itself… perhaps you might want to give this a try. Although I wouldn’t recommend the tea that I was drinking, as I don’t think it’s strong enough to flush one’s digestive system. I need to emphasise that the colon needs to be really flushed out before the liver can be cleansed. Otherwise when the liver is detoxing, all the gunk would go through the colon and if it’s still clogged, toxins will appear on the skin surface (eg. breakouts, boils, etc).
Tomorrow I shall reward myself with a pamper sesh of a nice relaxing massage. I’m going to breathe a sigh of relief now and say “Spaaaaaaaa….”