Imagine having an energy drink without any of the chemical and nastiness. I have 2 words for it: Ningxia Red.
I can’t go a day without this amazing drink. If the people in the Ningxia province in China are exceeding their national average life expectancy by 400%, you’d want to drip feed this liquid into your body 24/7. It has given me increased energy levels and improved my vision over the last couple of years. Who said things that are good for you have to taste bad? Take a sip of this and you will never look back.
The Ningxia wolfberry is the most powerful whole food antioxidant known to man. In 2001 USDA researchers at Tufts University in Boston identified the world’s most powerful antioxidant foods. In 2002 the Ningxia wolfberry was tested for the first time and ranked number one.
I highly suggest you to pop over to Dr Lindsey Elmore’s live video that explains all its yummy goodness! Here’s a brief explanation of why it’s so special.

  • Balanced ingredients for whole body nutrient infusion for health and wellness
  • Provides energy support
  • Contains powerful ingredients that are involved in many antioxidant processes
  • Supports whole body health & wellness
  • Helps prevent against oxidative stress
  • Helps support normal eye health
  • Contains all the necessary amino acids
  • Wolfberry is one of the most dense protein food out there
  • Highest whole food source of potassium of any food
  • Great levels of zinc
  • Tons of fiber
  • Certified organic

ningxia red