About 30-60 minutes before a workout I would take a drop of Peppermint in a glass of water,  and I’ll add another drop in my water bottle to drink throughout. I found this has enabled me to breathe better and recover at a quicker rate. It’s also great to apply on any sore muscles, pain, or area of discomfort.
My husband who was a HUGE skeptic at first now SWEARS by this. He runs 10km everyday and would not put on his running gear without having his peppermint water now. He also loves taking NingXia Red as it gives him a boost of energy.
A recent study in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found that peppermint oil can improve athletic performance. Read the full findings here.
10 years ago I had an unfortunate accident falling on ice and misplaced my tailbone. Yes, ouchies! Not fun at all. It was a constant challenge for many years managing the pain because the injury is in such a pesky area that it’s hard for it to heal completely. It actually compromised my quality of life as it didn’t allow me to do many things comfortably, sitting being the most basic thing! I used to be in pain everyday that “chronic” has graduated itself from my vocabulary. My chiro told me it’s one of those things I’ll have to deal with for the rest of my life while I try to incorporate certain things to support it.
However over the last 2 years, I have been using some pain management oils and it has been such a life saver!
Oils for pain
Pan-Away (“pain pain go away”) is wonderful in relieving pain. If I’m starting to feel sore or tender around certain parts of my body, I would apply Pan-Away and top it off with Copaiba because it amplifies the effects of any oils you apply before it. Copaiba is also known as a pain reliever and the highest anti-inflammatory oil. Win-Win!
Cypress is great for circulation.
Valor is called a “Chiropractor in a bottle”. It’s used for back-related issues like pain and even scoliosis. It really does help re-align the spine and heal broken bones.
Deep Relief is also my top oil for yup you guessed it: relieving pain. It’s a convenient roll on that I can apply literally anywhere. If I could soak my whole body in this I would! It’s great for headaches too.
I also do the Raindrop Technique on my feet and spine. This treatment is amazing for anyone who has back issues and has been proven to reverse scoliosis, among many other conditions. I now facilitate this treatment to anyone who wants to reap the benefits. Read about the Raindrop inspiration from Native American Lakota tradition here.
raindrop technique